Hand Wash Station

A Royal Flush Portables Toilets offers the ultimate hand wash station. It's a freestanding, two station unit, equipped with soap, water and paper towels. It is perfect for any event.  

Events of all kinds parades annual festivals, local fairs, sporting events, weddings and so much more.  Anywhere the need of a hand washing station is essential.

Proper hand washing is important to stopping the spread of bacteria and germs, with Royal Flush Portables  hand washing stations your guests and employees can be sanitized through the entire event. 

• A large fresh water tank for over 200 washes. 

• Double sided for more than one user at a time. 

• A foot pump for hands-free operation to decrease spread of germs.

• Fully stocked with water, paper towels and soup. 

• A deep sink basin.

Hand Sanitizer Stands